5 Things I Learned as a Content Creator

5 things I learned as a content creator

Being an influencer for over ten years has taught me many things. The main thing that I learned is how to get paid instead of accepting free products in exchange for promotions. I used to feel bad about myself when I accepted these terms. Knowing I was worth a lot more with the quality of the content I was producing.

I stopped doubting myself and started asking for myself. It got to the point that I was making no less than $500 for each contract. I even made over $2000 for a brand deal. You can quickly get the same and here’s how.

Media Kit & Rate Card

Having a media kit and rate card will show that you are professional. The media kit can show brands you have previously worked with. It also shows your demographics and your analytics stats so they know if your audience is a great fit. Your rate card gives them an idea of what you’re worth. All brands have a budget, don’t let them tell you otherwise. They can pay your rate, but it is up to their discretion to move forward with

Discuss Terms

Including payment, license, and usage, exclusivitų before the contract is made. Most brands will want to take your content and repurpose it for ads. We call this a license, and you should be charging more for brands to license and use your content for any other purpose than your introductory rate to create the content. Exclusivity can harm you if a brand says you can’t post a similar product from a different brand. This will make it difficult for you to keep your availability open. You will miss out on other brand contracts. That’s why you need to charge more to compensate for the time you won’t be able to work with other brands.


If a brand reaches out to you or you reach out to a brand. If they come back with an offer, it doesn’t feel good to you. Negotiating your terms is okay, even if you go back and forth ten times. I usually charge higher than I truly want. This helps me when they counter off to a lower price. Suppose they request usage and licenses. The rate goes back up. In my experience, brands don’t want to pay more, so you get to keep a claim on your content.

Stay firm with your boundaries.

You do not have to settle for what’s being offered to you. Stand firm on what they require you to do for the promotion. Let me repeat, and it’s a promotion. They don’t question when a celebrity demands their terms. It would be best if you weren’t scared to demand yours. You can kindly decline the offer and move on to the next.

Be professional.

Be professional when conversing via e-mail until they indicate that it doesn’t require strict business etiquette. Once the e-mails become friendly and a bit laid back. You’ve built a positive relationship. Make sure you meet deadlines! This will show that you stand firm on your word. Be communicative about the work you are creating. All for edits, but limit them or charge for additional corrections. I offered two times for my rate, and anything passed two revisions. There’s a fee.

I believe knowledge is power, so I want you to know that you can increase your revenue in your business simply by asking for it. Asking for a contract is a must, even if you have to write it yourself.

Recently, one of my clients shared that she got a $1300 + $2200 partnership and has 8k followers. I LOVE HELPING CREATORS GET PAID! It’s so easy to build a biz as an influencer if you know how to manage brands and demand more than you think you’re worth.

Suppose you are ready to take the next step and build a biz by being an influencer.

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Hi, I'm Victoria. I am an Online Media Manager. I coach and mentor many women in building their brands online. I have 10+ Years of experience, my Communications degree, and a slew of certificates in marketing strategy specifically on social media.